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Yung was started in 2017 with the goal of giving talented undiscovered young artists a voice.

Recording, mixing, and creating from our Culver City studio, with distribution through The Orchard. 

You can find our entire catalog on iTunes or Spotify 

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Londynne / XVEE

Producer • Musician • Engineer

As the founder of Yung Records, Sebastian (aka XVEE, aka Londynne) wears a lot of hats. He writes or collaborates on writing most of the music for all of the Yung artists, as well as engineering and producing all the tracks that Yung releases.  Not content to stay behind the boards, Sebastian uses his moniker XVEE to create and produce EDM and Rap music, while his alter ego Londynne helps him express his deeper (and sometimes darker) side.

Instagram @realxvee

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Hebrew has the kind of voice you normally need to go to church to hear. Soulful, honest, and raw. His instagram name says it all...

Instagram @iwritelovesongs

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Domo Cis


Chris's flow is so good that he manages to find his way into a feature on just about every Yung song, but don't think that means he can't rock his own tracks. His latest album Fear2 starts to show what Domo can do, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Once his lyrics get in your head, you'll have a hard time getting them out.

Instagram @icantraplord

Soundcloud @savage-president

iTunes @Domo Cis

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Justin's music brings a level of energy that can get any party started. Rap music you want to mosh to! Hidden inside all that energy you'll find clever rhymes and deep meaning that this genre doesn't usually have.  When you put on Deadbwee, make sure it's loud (and leave room to jump around), but don't forget to listen to the lyrics.

Instagram @Deadbwee

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Culver City, CA