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Londynne / XVEE

Producer • Musician • Engineer

As the founder of YUNG Records, Sebastian (aka XVEE, aka Londynne) wears a lot of hats. He writes or collaborates on writing most of the music for all of the YUNG artists, as well as engineering and producing all the tracks that YUNG releases.  Not content to stay behind the boards, Sebastian uses his moniker XVEE to create and produce EDM and Rap music, while his alter ego Londynne helps him express his deeper (and sometimes darker) side.

Instagram @realxvee

Soundcloud @realxvee

iTunes @XVEE

Spotify @XVEE

Facebook @XVEE

iTunes @Londynne

Spotify @Londynne

Facebook @Real.Londynne

YouTube @Londynne


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