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*Brand New Domo Cis* "Bloomin' " Out Now!!!

After a year and a half since his last release—his album, "Fear 2"—artist Domo Cis has gifted us with a brand new single, fittingly titled, "Bloomin' ." He speaks about the track saying, "It felt like going back to my roots and remembering who Domo Cis is as an artist. This one is for young Domo." Knowing his discography from ~2017 until now, it truly feels like he's staying true to his beginnings; using his signature blend of singing and creative flows/wordplay to create an authentically 'Domo Cis' song.

At only one minute, 42 seconds, he simply means to remind everyone, and to prove why he deserves his spot on their playlists. The instrumental—produced by YUNG Records' newly signed producer, Kach Frāz (and executively produced by longtime collaborator, XVEE)—brings a fresh take to Domo's original sound, showing how he continues to evolve and grow, able to now expand on his older works (such as, "Spend my days w/u").

Check out his new single here:

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