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Updated: Jul 4, 2021

Calling all fans of melodic rap!! Following the release of their latest singles, "Hot Outside" and "Fxck Shxt/626", artists Justin Prera and Londynne have finally released their collab-tape, Beast Boys. Full of intricate production and shimmering vocals, Beast Boys is a beautifully cohesive mix-tape, with Justin and Londynne's vocals riffing off one another seamlessly. Songs such as, "Hot Outside" and "4 Seasons" play into the lighter theme of the album, using innovative synthesis to illuminate the extremely catchy choruses and infectious rhythms. While songs like, "Fxck Shxt/626" and "Rip Pop Smoke" carry much darker tones, with hard hitting 808's accentuating clever flows and bringing massive amounts of energy to the tracks.

Check out Beast Boys here!

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