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Justin Prera - Both Ways (Left, Right) *Brand New*

Following the release of his debut album, B4, resident rapper & artist Justin Prera releases his brand new single, "Both Ways (Left, Right)." Produced by YUNG Records' very own, Kach Fraz, the light-hearted, catchy single features an atmospheric, yet 808 driven instrumental sure to keep your head bopping.

With lyrics like, "Left, right, yeah shorty got me lookin' both ways," and "ridin' too fast, I told her to slow down," Justin Prera composes a clever double entendre. In one respect, the lyrics could be as simple as their face-value: he sees a girl and is taken aback by her beauty, therefore looking "both ways" to double check that his eyes aren't deceiving him. However they could also be contemplated as if Justin is pursuing after this girl cautiously; i.e. the common phrase, "look both ways before you cross the street so you don't get hit." He sees that this girl is living recklessly and he's telling her to "slow down" before she gets them both into trouble.

Stream the song on all platforms here!

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