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*New Song + Video* "Rich, Sad, Beautiful" - Londynne

"I really started realizing that all of the fame and fortune in the world can't make you happy. It all becomes so empty and lost in a world without love and acceptance for yourself, and for others," Londynne says about his newest single. With its fitting title, "Rich, Sad, Beautiful," it's a love song dedicated to a girl who helped to shape Londynne's views of the world.

Yet to call "Rich, Sad, Beautiful" a love song doesn't quite capture the true emotion of this track. Although lyrics such as, "I promise to quit my ways/I promise I'll take you away," certainly give this song the facade of one, it feels strangely empty and devoid of love. It seems to be playing with an underlying emotional theme—that he can only learn to love this girl when he learns to love himself and his own life.

Watch the video or stream the song here:

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