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*Londynne's Debut Album Out Now*

Joining his generation's voice in existential nihilism, Londynne's debut album Starlight proudly basks in its own melancholy ways. He leaves nothing unsaid of his emotions and thoughts of the world in this album, with lyrics like, "I don't belong here anymore, take me away," and "I just really wonder why, stars on the ground ain't no stars in the sky?"

Though it's clear that Londynne wears his sorrows and heartache for all of the world to see, every song carries a different weight and feeling, pushing the boundaries of what it means to be "rap" or "emo". Impressive yet is that Londynne produced the entire album—excluding "Six Feet Away"—by himself (under the moniker "XVEE"); playing all of the instruments and engineering it on his own.

Delve into your emotions and listen to his album Starlight here!

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