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Vision - "Heartbreak & Hennessy"

Vision's newest EP, "Heartbreak & Hennessy" holds its own within Vision's discography. The first track "Pyschodisphoria" begs the listener to step inside Vision's own mind. With its repeated lyrics, "heartbreak & Hennessy, heartbreak & Hennessy, heartbreak & Hennessy..." and "I need you, I need you, I need you," it's clear where his emotions lie within this track.

The second song, "Crashed," carries the sentiment of the previous track in a new way. The raw emotion of "Psychodisphoria" becomes a bit more controlled and defined, with the beginning lines of the chorus being, "Why do you waste all my time when you're always on your phone?" Vision realizes that maybe he isn't at fault, but rather her.

The third and final track, "Heartbreak and Hennessy (XVEE Remix)," serves as a way to bring his EP full circle. Although the same basis as "Psychodisphoria"—guitar and vocals—it carries a completely different tone and weight. It feels as though Vision has shed his skin, and is only now able to take a step back and look at his old love with new light. He's lived through it, and he accepts that it is a part of him, however it no longer defines him.

Listen to Vision's new EP "Heartbreak & Hennessy" here:

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